Fabrics Used

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BIGGIES uses the same high quality fabrics Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, and Versace uses. Some of our fabrics are a higher quality for less!

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Cotton Viscose:

BIGGIES Cotton Viscose has a very nice appealing drape to it. With a superior softness to 100% cotton. An excellent underwear choice fabric that offers supreme comfort, and versatility! Viscose has become popular for a number of reasons. One of which is because of  its luxurious look, and feel yet affordable price. Viscose is a genuinely rich fabric – blends in easily with other fibers, and very soft to the touch. It is renowned for its silk like luster, appealing drape, superior softness, and luxurious look. A very comfortable fabric to wear as underwear.

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Nylon Tricot:

BIGGIES Nylon Tricot fabric is a kind of knitted fabric that is often used for lingerie or as a lining material. BIGGIES nylon tricot feels like silk, very luxurious, and contagiously comfortable when wearing. BIGGIES nylon tricot is the highest grade for underwear. Has a nice stretch to it, offering plenty of air to your testes, and lower body when wearing. It’s very stylish, and a perfect fabric for everyday wear. The word tricot, pronounced tree-ko, comes from the French verb tricoter, meaning to knit. The knitting process used to make nylon tricot gives it several unique properties and benefits, as well as some special challenges for care and use.

Below is an example of a BIGGIES customer who ‘failed to follow simple care instructions.’ Below that is a BIGGIES demo video, proving how long our highest grade Nylon Tricot fabric actually last ‘if cared for properly!’ Keep in mind that the same thing goes with all of the high end fabrics we use. If you care for them properly, and follow the simple care instructions. Your BIGGIES will last you for years to come!

Exhibit A: Amazon Review (3 star)

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on February 2, 2016
little small. Did not last very long. I was very impressed at first-but after a few washing’s naaaaaaa expected them to hold up a little better.

Exhibit B: Can BIGGIES Underwear Prove How Long Their Underwear Last?

Tricot is a type of fabric created by machine using a warp-knit pattern. This means that the fibers that make up the fabric run the length of the fabric, rather than the width, in a zigzag pattern. BIGGIES nylon tricot is very soft, flexible, and does not snag or run easily. A good-quality nylon tricot will not build up a static charge or cling to the body. Our nylon tricot comes in three colors, black, red, and white. A strong durable fabric that last a very long time if cared for properly.

*100% Silk Jersey (New)

BIGGIES 100% Silk Jersey is a significant upgrade from 100% Silk Satin, this fabric (Silk Jersey) is perfect for garments, luxurious, and super comfortable to wear. The incredible feel of silk with the stretch and uniformity of jersey, equals a match made in heaven. It has a smooth, silky hand feel and beautiful sheen, and its generous stretch allows it to fit attractively to your body. Silk jersey is a fabulous warm-weather fabric, as the silk fibers have a natural absorbency. Our high quality Silk Jersey comes in ‘many colors,’ and is wrinkle resistant and travels easily. Silk Jersey is a medium weight, shiny, knit fabric ideal for unique evening wear, lingerie, costumes, and high-end underwear. Silk Jersey certainly feels as good as it looks. It is preferred over satins made from synthetic fibers largely because of the feel of the material. 


Modal Jersey

BIGGIES Modal Jersey high-quality knit fabric is made from a unique and soft fiber, and is super comfortable when wearing. Modal is a variety of rayon, made exclusively from the renewable fiber of beech trees. Since the base material comes from a natural source, rayon fibers like modal are sometimes classified as a “natural synthetic”. Fabric made from modal is very soft, smooth, and very comfortable for underwear. Modal has a moderate to high sheen similar to silk, and can literally pass as silk. Additionally, modal fabric is about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton! Modal fabrics are shrinkage and fade resistant. Mixed with spandex, this fabric is both classy and again, very comfortable.

Jersey Knit

BIGGIES Jersey Knit fabric is a knit textile made from cotton and synthetic blend. The fabric is warm, flexible, stretchy, and very insulating, making it a popular choice for a warm feel. Our Jersey Knit fabrics are very soft, luxurious, and very comfortable. The fabric can stretch up to 25% percent along its grain. BIGGIES Boxers Jersey Knit fabric has plenty of give, allowing you plenty of movement. The fabric contracts as well as expands making it a perfect underwear for Athletes, plus size, the obese, and everyday people.

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100% Organic Cotton

BIGGIES organic cotton fiber is grown according to the principles and rules of organic agriculture. These rules are very strict and are defined by a law from the European Union. BIGGIES organic cotton has no toxic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). Very soft, durable, fine, and quality based that last holds up to responsible wear a tear. BIGGIES cotton is definitely best suited for the healthy conscious consumer, and we highly recommend.

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Cotton Jersey

BIGGIES Cotton Jersey is soft, warm, stretchy, and is contagiously comfortable. Very high quality grade with luxurious feel. Cotton Jersey is named after the Isle of Jersey which is part of the Channel between Britain and France. Jersey fabric features small, distinctive lengthwise ribs on its front side. With all the desired characteristics of cotton, and is renowned for its excellent drape and ability to stretch along the grain up to 25%, making it ideal for cool and winter months.

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If You’re Worried About Trying BIGGIES For The First Time Don’t.

Eight Out Of Ten Buyers Are “Repeat Customers!”

*U.S. Patent# D 747,844, S

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**BIGGIES are made with very high quality fabric materials, and last longer than any other boxer underwear in the world! We use the same expensive fabrics, and ‘higher grade fabrics’ than Versace, Dulce & Gabanna, and Gucci. BIGGIES are made in the USA, not China. Our custom hand craftsmanship is of higher quality standards than Versace, Dulce & Gabanna, and Gucci. A pair of BIGGIES can last 4 years or longer, if cared for properly. BIGGIES Boxers Underwear offers a various assortment of high quality fine fabric materials. Please check our Amazon store for more detailed information, thank you for shopping with BIGGIES!