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Boosting your chances of pregnancy

Humans are among the least fertile of any species on earth. Pregnancy is a result of a complex combination of factors and events. When trying to have a baby, the chances of conception in any month of unprotected intercourse are just 20%. For women aged 40, the odds reduce to 5%.1 When pregnancy doesn’t happen straight away, you may feel a creeping anxiety. And yet, here we all are, which is reason enough for optimism!

Here are some suggestions to maximize your chances of conceiving:

For some couples, conceiving a child is relatively simple. Others may need a few extra steps to reach their final goal. If you haven’t conceived after 12 months of trying, (or six months if you’re 35 years or more) consider seeking medical advice.2 Your doctor will advise whether you need help.

“The Path to Parenthood: Maximizing Your Chances of Conceiving.” Fertility

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